Space Man Design

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This week we continue with Space Man by breaking down the elements of the game and designing our Space Man. Along the way, we'll learn how event-driven programming works, do some programming to get colors and make our Spaceman appear and disappear.

To get work this week, we'll need the following links:

The Lesson

We created a new spreadsheet and broke down the Space Man game into a list of tasks.  The list includes the following:
  • Draw the space man
  • Choose the number of times you can be wrong (we chose 6)
  • Choose a word
  • Enter a letter and see if the letter is in the word
  • See how long the word is / reveal the letters
  • Place to enter guesses
  • Know if you've won or lost


We learned that the onEdit function is a program that runs when a cell is changed on the spreadsheet. We also learned that the 'e' passed is an event object that can give us information about the sheet. 

Step 1: Choosing colors for Space Man

function onEdit(e) {
     var ui = SpreadsheetApp.getUi();
     var c = e.range.getBackground();
The program above allows you to collect colors from a cell. We used this program to collect the color values that we are going to use for our Space Man.  In our case, we chose black (#000000), white (#ffffff), red (#ff0000) and green (#6aa84f).

Step 2: Draw the Space Man

We drew the Space Man on the spreadsheet.

Step 3: Make the Leg Appear and Disappear

function onEdit(e) {
    var val = e.range.getValue();
    if (val === 0) {        e.range.getSheet().getRange("B23:D25").setBackgroundColor('#ffffff');
    } else {         e.range.getSheet().getRange('D23').setBackgroundColor('#000000');         e.range.getSheet().getRange('C24').setBackgroundColor('#000000');         e.range.getSheet().getRange('B25').setBackgroundColor('#000000');     }

We then wrote a program that made a leg appear and disappear. By entering a 1 or a 0 on the sheet, if the cell values are correct, your leg will appear and disappear.