Southwest Coder Dojo

Southwest Coder Dojo is a member of Coder Dojo International, an organization of free, volunteer-led coding clubs. We were founded to provide introductory coding experiences for youth and teens (ages 11-18). Our volunteer mentors are software developers and software industry professionals from the Twin Cities.

Register with Hennepin County Library to attend our Dojo events. Tickets are free, but seats are limited. No experience in programming required. Remember to bring your laptop!

Register for Dojo Events

Dojo meetings are intended for beginners and those without prior coding experience. At the Dojo we'll separate into small groups to work through online tutorials in a programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript or Python based on your interests.

If you don't know what language you'd like to learn, we'll help you decide. For those that need help with a personal coding project, mentors will be available.

Register to reserve a ticket and bring your laptop, charger and earbuds.

Dojos are held monthly during the academic year at the Walker Library in Minneapolis.  Visit Hennepin County Library to register.

Calhoun Meeting Room
Walker Library
2880 Hennepin Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55408